How to use Fritzing images licensing for Printed Materials

Glad to introduce myself Abdul Nayeem.

I am currently working on writing a book and to publish on Arduino. I was wondering if I can use the images of the project breadboard setup(both schematic and circuit diagram images of fritzing) in my book for publishing and a few images of components on top of the book cover page. What is the licensing for these images?

I had to crop the images to minimize the size of the book, due to which the ‘fritzing logo’ will get removed after cropping the image and can’t be seen in the final images. However, I am describing the use of fritzing software to generate schematic and circuit diagrams in the book before the table of content.

Is that okay? Do I have permission to publish my book?
Thank you so much for the wonderful software and your kind support.
Please help me and advise me on what steps I can follow.