How to use connector0pad correctly in Inkscape

In Inkscape I bumped into some unexpected behaviour

I may only use one id name 1 single time
when i look at other parts in the core library i see that
id=connector0pa and id=connector1pad
in some files are used multiple times, once in the copper0 group and once in the copper1 group

However when i do this in Inkscape then inkscape renames the other id=connector0pad to some random name and it only allows the last created id to stay.

i also see parts that only use copper0 layer to place connector id’s

My main concern is to have a part that has connections on all copper layers.
is it always enough to only do this on one copper layer?

So how do i make this work in inkscape?

you can try in inkscape to change the xml. first go to edit and then click xml editor. in the copper layers change th id.

I made a few parts and it seams that you only need one copy of the copper contacts in copper0 for the PCB view.

Open the XML editor in Inkscape - 4th box from the bottom right-hand tool column -, move, remove, and indent all copper to copper0 - it puts them all in one group -.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

For some reason i have “bendable legs”. And i cant figure out how to change that into pcb style connectors
I have been working in the XML editor a lot, this is where i changed the connector0leg to connector0pad.
but then the leg disappears, but the pad does not work in the breadboard view… (or is there another name i need to use??)

I have moved all to copper0 but that didn’t seem to work.
After making some changes the alignment also got messed up a bit not sure if that had consequences for the connector to work.

I’ll have a closer look tomorrow

Hi uaneme,

Look in your .fzp for, legId=“connector0leg” and delete them, I assume you are talking about the ones in your breadboard view. I believe these are your bendable legs…

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thank you once again, not sure why i didn’t look there… I now seem to have a fully functional part!!!

Will there be an XML editor in the parts editor in the future?
Like the one in Inkscape for instance? O wait i’ll make this a whislist item… :smiley: