How to unroute PCB?

I have placed my components, then I have autorouted them and saved the project.

Next day I want to unroute the components and route them again (this tipe with different routing rules)

Is there a way of unrouting everything? I cannot find any option to do so.


I don’t think there is a way to unroute (but could be wrong). I think you will have to select the traces one at a time, right click and delete wire. In general you should manually route the traces, autorouting doesn’t work all that well.


As long as you have all the wires routed in the schematic or Breadboard view you can delete all the traces at once in PCB view. If you do not have the wires routed in at least one of the other views you will lose all your ratsnest lines.

Routing/Select All traces
Then press the delete button.

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