How to show silk screen numbers on nano and mega?

I can’t seem to get silk screen pin numbers to show up on NANO and MEGA 2560. Is there any instructions on how to make them visible in PCB view?

It appears (as usual) that the parts in core don’t have lettering on the silkscreen. The theory is that if you want the lettering you can add it to the part manually in your sketch. Otherwise you (or more likely one of us) would have to make a custom part.


What’s going on, I told the guy in the other post what to do.

You said “It’s too hard for a beginner to get the labels back because they are hidden in the svg.” Which doesn’t really answer the question. If there is another revised board for nano also then perhaps that would work but I don’t know how many parts in fritzing have the labels hidden so it would be nice to know how to fix this as it didn’t do this to me before in previous installations of fritzing. Is there any walkthrough on how to do it?

I linked the MEGA with the labels, but I don’t know about the Nano, and if the text is actually there just hidden.

If you know how to work with vector svgs you go in and make them show, and then reassign all the pins again in FZ if they don’t auto assign. Or if you know how to code in XML you might be able to do it.

Learned something new again. Looks like they have hidden the text in the mega in a layer so Fritzing doesn’t display it (don’t off the top of my head know how to cause that to display, I suspect move it to layer1). The nano doesn’t have the text as far as I can see (looking at the svg).


I made it show in my linked part, but I don’t remember how because it was so long ago. All I know is I had to assign the 55 pins in FZ about 5 times, and that was 275 assignments too many. :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, that motivated me to figure out how to fix this. Changing layers may work, but I don’t know how to do that, so I used brute force instead.

In Fritzing right click on the mega rev3 part and click “edit with new parts editor”, then file->save as new part. From the mine parts bin, export the new part as an fzpz file (right click the part and export part). Unzip the fzpz file and with Inkscape edit the svg.xxxx_pcb.svg file. In xml editor click on “silkscreen” group and shift-cntrl-g multiple time til silkscreen is entirely ungrouped. Edit select all and group. In xml editor step down to the copper1 group and unindent the group (to change it out of the new silkscreen group and back in to root). Set the new group’s id to silkscreen and save the file as plain svg. Rezip the file in to an fzpz file and load it in Fritzing and the silksceen lettering is there. It may be easier to use a text editor and search the file for “text” (I usually use grep in cygwin on windows to do this) to see if there is any hidden text, or edit the svg with a text editor and search for text to see if there is any hidden text to see if the first method is worth trying.