How to run traces to second row of a double header (Mega 2560)

Making a custom shield for the Arduino Mega 2560… Im trying to run wires to the second row of the double header on the Mega 2560, but the wires look rather thick and I dont think there is adequate clearance to thread them between the through holes?

Is there a way to make the wire traces thinner, or will they come out thinner than they look, or will the pcb manufacturer fix this for me? Or something else?


Select the wire, then in Inspector, change the value in the “width” drop down.

EDIT: «NOPE»: To set the width for ‘future’ wires, open Routing, Autoroute/DRC settings, select custom for production type, then change the trace width. You probably also need to reduce the keepout distance to get good results from DRC.

I thought there was a way to set the default (manual) trace width, but the autoroute settings does not do it.

Another (but more complex!) option is to switch out the pads with this header pin (for the raspberry PI but the connector is generic if fixed length.) which has oblong pads intended to allow you to route wires between them. The down side is you need to modify the part to add the connector which isn’t all that easy unless you are familiar with making parts.