How to run samples without a board

Hi, do i need a real arduino board to run the examples like the Blink ?
Is there a way to simulate the arduino board?

No, any of the campatible Uno, Mega, Mini will do the blink. I have a couple of Sunfounder Uno’s and they work just fine. Have also purchased one off of Banggood and Aliexpress and never had any troubles. You just need to ensure the libraries and the boards are load/installed thru the Arduino IDE.

There is a website that will simulate the board. When I find it I will post. has an simulation for Arduino boards. Also there’s

I hear the new version of kiCAD does simulation as well…

I don’t know if it’s the Windows version, but I don’t have the Spice simulator. Looking at the 2016 simulator video KiCad looks modern and has more tools, but my recently downloaded version still looks exactly like the old crude looking version I downloaded 2 years ago.

Evidently it’s in the nightly development builds, and not released yet.