How to remove a Part ID entry from within the User Parts database ('Mine')

Hi All
This is the first time I’ve used the Fritzing Forum, so if I’ve not followed the rules in any way, then please let me know. I did have a search first, to see if this had already come up, but could only find something related to a possible bug in an earlier version, but this was several years ago.
Because I wanted to do a lot of changes to a Part within the User area (ie. Mine, not Core), I decided to remove it first, then delete the Metafile and all four SVG files, before re-importing the new files.
However, when I tried to import the updated Part, I get the error: “there is already a part with this ID”. Thus I presume the Part ID entry within the user Parts Library database hasn’t been removed; is there any way to remove this entry ?
Obviously I could simply give the Part a new ID before importing it (which does work), but it would be better if I could remove/delete the old entry.
Or am I doing something wrong.
Many Thanks, bill