How to panelize pcb with fritzing

Hi guys,
I would like to combine different shape or just one multiple time in order to reduce fee when ordering the PCB.
Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 10-43-42 panelize pcb - Google Search

Should i just design some tiny hole on the breakable part? And for rectangular shape PCB?


If I understand what you want to do, I expect you are looking at creating a custom cutout in the pcb (which is possible but not necessarily easy.) A search in the forum for “pcb cutout” will find various posts. Using version 0.9.10 is advised because a bunch of cutout related bugs are fixed in that version. Good luck, you will likely need it :slight_smile: . Hope you are familiar with generating svg paths as well …


Hi vanepp,
I checked few posts and, when we look the PCB cutout may look same as panalize but this video will explain what I’m trying to do on Fritzing.
The purpose is to save money by ordering let say 1 PCB and got actually more PCB by kind of just copy pasting same design on bigger PCB without price changing.
In some case the cutout technique could be enough but harder for rectangular shape.

Of course i could use a big saw :carpentry_saw: too :grinning:

This forum article may do what you want. I don’t know if it will deal with cutouts (which would be needed for the milling in your example) though as I’ve never used it.


Thanks Peter, i actually looked quickly this post and moved on because it experimental, i was asking in case there is other techniques and easier if possible.
But that’s fine for now, i will play with cutout because my shape is circular actually.