How to make PCB Arduino Uno Shape

I have made a circuit board intended for use on an Arduino UNO.
The template for the PCB is square, is there an Arduino UNO PCB template to use that has the same shape as all the other Uno shields and the UNO itself? Mounting holes too.

There are UNO’s in the Parts - you can search for them (they are boards with stuff on them).

I made my own UNO PCB - I did not include holes as I don’t often use the standard UNO holes. When holes are needed, I use the “Hole” part and place them where needed.

Attached is graphic and files… You can use it/Hack it…

UNO_R3_pcb.fzz (1.5 KB)

The inkscape file - delete the fzz extension
uno_boardp.svg.fzz (1.6 KB)


In PCB view click on the gray PCB that Fritzing starts with and then in the inspector where it says “Rectangle” you can change it to “Arduino Shield”. You do NOT need to make a custom PCB like opera_night is trying to get you to do.


Is there anyway to get the ICSP pins on there? :slight_smile:

Thank you both!

Nothing automatic. You could search for “generic” in the parts bin and then use a generic header. In the inspector you can change it to double row.

You can use the ruler to position the std header, like sub said, other wise you have to get the UNO svg and delete what you don’t want and import it into a new part.