How to make holes in custom part svg?

so now im making another part (a micro b connector that i couldnt find a fitting part for in fritzing, seems to be some special case). the parts needs several holes in the pcb. 2 for the chassis pins and 2 for stabilization pins. see this for reference 2 holes are elongated and 2 are rectangular. now i approximated the elongated with 3 round holes and replaced the rectangular ones with 2 circles. here how it looks in inkscape/browser and here how fritzing thinks it should be displayed and again you see fritzing has no clue what its doing. when exporting as pdf the holes are at least the right size… but they arent holes. they are copper. i made the holes just like they are in other parts that have holes, and also like it is mentioned in another forum entry ( Making a hole in a part that should be drilled in the pcb (but no copper ring around the hole) ). here is the svg

so can anyone tell me how to make holes? i also tried to use the parts editor, but i saw no possibility to make holes.

I think that is just how it does it - anything in copper is a hole, and is copper -.

My holes are copper, but I didn’t worry about it because it gets drilled out.

how can i verify that when i convert it into gerber files, that the manufacturer will drill these holes?

You can export for production the Gerbers and get a Gerber program to display it, I use KiCad GerbView. The export also has has a drill.txt file that you can open and check. The first group is drill sizes, and the succeeding groups are the batches of holes of the successive hole sizes. You can even use math on the X Y coordinates to check them.

I haven’t actually had anything made, but I assume the drill.txt is right.

There is an online Gerbviewer, but I don’t know how that works.

If you look at the Gerber every hole gets drilled into a solid copper circle, so it should be fine having the copper circle there before drilling.

You probably already know this, but I found out extra holes have to be in the copper groups of the PCB svg.

hello fredlllll,

I would like to use the same USB port as you
did you manage to create that custom part
if so you are able to put the part in the forum
that would really help me
Many thanks in advance