How to Make Disconnected Blocks?

Hey all,

Relatively new to Fritzing and schematics in general. I attempted to search for this question, but honestly, I don’t know what the correct terminology is.

In this diagram:

There are blue lines that work to clean up the wiring by allowing for separation of named connections. How can you make those in Fritzing? Is it a built-in feature, or is there a workaround hack to get a paper schematic that clean? If there’s a proper name for that style of organization, I’d love to know, as well.

Thanks in advance!

I believe you are looking for “net label”. You can find them by searching in the parts bin or under core parts/schematic.

Yes “net label”. You have to connect one to the end of each wire and give them different names, then you duplicate them and move and connect them to there accompanying wire on the other part.

I don’t think the example is net label, it is more what are called busses in other eda packages (a bus in fritzing is quite different than this) where a group of connections (such as the 8 connections on a port as in this case) are combined in a single wire to unclutter the schematic, but are accessable on the other end as individual connections by name. I don’t think that is how net labels work (although I’d be happy to be wrong :slight_smile: as I’d like busses again). I see the drawings are from version 7 of Fritzing (before my time), is this possibly a feature that has been dropped?


I don’t think FZ can do that grouping “Bus” thing - saw it for the first time today because I don’t have much experiance in EE -, but if there isn’t a net label on both ends of the wire I don’t think it knows to connect them in other views.

To some extent me too, but the only solution to that is to attract person power to doing development on Fritzing. That isn’t being easy at the moment as the head has been broken by a major commit for the last 5 months or more such that gerbers don’t work, and the development environment (at least for me but also for LandRacer who had a working environment) is also broken, just not as badly. I expect both need someone who is familiar with how things should work to fix them but there doesn’t seem to be anyone at least with time.


That’s kind-of the problem, you need such a high level of knowledge to get involved in coding it limits person power.

I remember when I started making parts with no experience in anything EE and when there was no one around, so it was days and days of trying stuff and seeing what the outcome was. It gets to that stage where you get stuck for days because you don’t know enough about it to think of a way around it.

I guess we have to take FZ for what it was intended, a simple EDA with a BB view. It’s going to be fine for me because I’m never going to be a genius in EE, so won’t need high-end stuff, but it would sure be nice to have the extras.