How to make component holes closer together

Is there any way to make the holes for each component closer together my first PCB that I got in the mail the holes are to far apart and you have to stretch the parts into the holes can someone help me with this please

The holes vary by part (in theory they are correct, in practice sometimes not). To change them you need to use an svg editor to edit the part with the incorrect spacing (or find a corrected part if there is one). There are references to a couple of tutorials on parts creation available in the forums here as well.


It depends on how many. If it’s just a couple of holes you can grab a via out of the Core Bin and place where it needs to go, and then just link it. If it’s a lot you have to alter the part drawings.

Ok So how dp I get the PCB Drawing into the SVG and back to fritzing ?

Instructions here although as noted you need to do the individual parts not the entire board: