How to make a new Part / Stripboard similar to RadioShack 276-150?

Hi Fritzing Community/Team,

i want to make a similar part to the RadioShack 276-150 Stripboard.
i can add this board to my parts bin but iam not able to edit it (button grayed out)
so is it possible to use the Stripboard/Prefboard ‘generator’ as starting part?
or do i have to build this from scratch?

thanks for any ideas :smile:

I have done this by selecting the RadioSchack board in the Layout menu of the Inspector, then adding/substracting rows and columns, also in Inspector.
Good luck!

hi @jetlag,
thanks for the tip.
it works in some way…
but the interlinks are not stored in the part…
left is the stripboard i designed - right is the part draged droped from my parts bin.

i have found out that you can create the links in the board yourself -
(by accident :wink: )
if you go between two pads there is a special ‘make or break’ symbol.
than you can drag allong the pads to make the bridges…
that is a cool feature - but this links are not stored in the parts bin… :confused:

i will try and make my own part from ground up. the graphic for this i have done already…