How to invert a PCB icon

Hi I am new here, I am trying to do the PCB layout shown below. The view is from above but the copper tracks are from below. The problem is that the way the 555 timer is in the layout is as if it is going to be connected from the bottom. Can anyone tell me how I can do a mirror image of it please?

On the bottom red bar you can select view, and whether it’s showing a side or both.

By the look of it it is showing the bottom and through the PCB to the top.

No I want the copper pads to be at the bottom only.

Sorry I see whats wrong. You must have selected bottom layer and pulled parts on, and that mounts them to the bottom. Select view from above and both layers and then I think you select the part and select top in Inspector. If it was me I would do it again - not hard if you have both open at once - with view from above and both layers.

But wouldn’t that place the copper pads of the 555 on top of the PCB? I want a single sided PCB since I am going to be using a copper clad board.

You select ‘both layers’ so you can see both sides clearly, and in ‘both layers’ top traces are yellow and bottom are orange. Then you pull parts onto the top with it set on ‘view from above’ so they are placed on the top. If you look your parts are faint, so they are on the bottom because you are looking down from the top.

Just export it ‘for production’ and you will see parts and traces on the bottom.

That is what I’ve done in the picture I sent but I want the NE555 to be mirror imaged since I want pin 1 to be at the bottom not on top.

Does this do what you are looking for?

I think you are asking to mount the 555 on the bottom of the board which requires the pads to be inverted. If the pads want to be on only one side use a single sided board. The difference between the two chips in the png is that the one on the right has pcb layer top set in inspector and the one on the left (which is what I think you want) has pcb layer bottom set in inspector which inverts the footprint. So just select the 555 in pcb view and change from top to bottom should do what I think you want.