How to implement a nor gate humidity and temperature sensor in a breadboard_

How to create a nor gate with a 9v battery and two inputs

Start Fritzing. Type nor gate in to the parts search box (the magnifying glass on the left top in parts) and press enter. Of the ICs that come up drag the 4001 nor gate (or another suitable IC in the selection) on to breadboard view. Repeat the above with battery and select an appropriate battery to suit your needs and drag that in to breadboard view. Hook wires to the appropriate pins. Done.


Thanks for replying. I have used a 9V battery and the IC but how do I input the two inputs using a temperature humidity sensor, please`

You would need to specify the temp humidity sensor (there are a couple in Fritzing, but I think they are all SPI / i2c / 1 wire output which won’t work in this case). If you have the model number of your sensor then a google search on “fritzing part model number” will see if there is a Frtizing part available for it. You should also be able to find a data sheet for it which will tell you what the output is. Entering humidity in the search bar brings up several humidity / temp sensors but the first one I looked at is a one wire output device (i.e. needs a micro processor not a nor gate to be useful) so it will depend on the output of the humidity temp sensor you have.


I am using the RhT1 humidity and temperature sensor.

The data sheet says that too is a one wire device (I.e. needs a microcomputer not a nor gate to do anything useful) but an rht03 (available in core parts) appears to have the same pin out and should thus be identical in terms of fritzing.


where can I find the data sheet please_

A google search on “rht01 datasheet” turns up:

which appears to be what you have. I would guess this is an older (or possibly different resolution) version of the rht03 which is in core parts.