How to have separate GND and AGND ground planes?


I have a circuit with a microcontroller. The microcontroller is connected to a battery. Then the microcontroller has a GND pin and a separate AGND pin. I want to have a ground plane around the digital part of the circuit and connect it to the GND pin and another one for the analog part of the circuit and connect it to the AGND pin.

How can I achieve this?


I’ve been kicking this around myself by making a specific part which sole purpose is to be a ground plane around a specific part. Currently there is no way inside fritzing to make custom ground planes. It’s sole purpose is a flood fill. Not sure, but this might work for you. A crafty workaround. Worth a shot and gives you a chance to play with the vector side of things. Hopefully that roughly answers your question. As far as multiple layer boards for separate ground and power planes. fritzing does not yet have these capabilities.

I have currently solved the issue using temporary wires which I cut at the ends after their creation so that they are unconnected to any component. However while creating the ground fill, those wires prevent the digital ground plane area to be connected to the analog ground plane area. After creation of the copper fill, these wires can be erased.