How to have rectangle resistors

Hi, I am trying to use Fritzing to make a circuit diagram for my engineering assignment but I can’t work out how to make rectangular resistors as this is the symbol we use in the UK. Is it possible to switch to rectangular resistors?

Thanks in advance

Far as i know there is no option to switch symbols, however you could edit the resistor part and swap the current symbol with a rectangle style symbol.
I don’t know how much work that will be.

Is it really that important to have another symbol? A virtual resistor is a virtual resistor. A red traffic light also looks different in the Moscow, Berlin and Copenhagen, but it all means the same.

For all other purposes it would be fine, but since I am wanting to create a circuit diagram to put in another document, the resistor symbol used is the same as the symbol we use for a heating element (I suppose a heating element is just a big resistor) so it would make the circuit diagram incorrect.

I have started just drawing it out on paper instead as that will be easier and I can get it exactly how I need it.

Thanks for the quick reply