How to get large pitch (Pin spacing) Terminal block?

Hello to all. Recently i bought some terminal block with 9mm pitch pin spacing. But when i develop the board in Fritzing, i found out that only 7.62mm pin spacing is the MAXIMUM value. Can any guru please guide me how to get a 9mm pin spacing PCB part in Fritzing?
Thank you very much!

Just bumped into this post.

There are a few things you can do:

  1. Edit the part and design a 9mm variant. (it consumes some time but opens new possibillities)
  2. Make a wishlist item of it, but then you need to wait for someone to build it for you. Can take a very long time.
  3. take a part like the hole, set the hole and copper ring parameters to what you need (2 mm hole, 1 mm copper ring??) and then manually place each hole 9mm apart on the PCB in a 1 mm grid.

I hope you already found a solution, though if others search for a similair thing, then this are some of the available options.