How to find the danger shield



I just wanted to ask where we can find the danger shield composant. I found a lot of shields but not that particular one.

Thank you in advance


Which danger shield? There is a retired sparkfun one (which may be in the Sparkfun Fritzing repo although google did not find it) and one from Seeed studio, which appears to be still being sold but there may be others as well. A google search for “frtizing part danger shield” doesn’t turn up any parts though so someone would likely need to make a Fritzing part given the data on the shield.



Thanks for your answer vanepp

The retired spark fun ( is the exact one that’s at my school. But I couldn’t find it in Fritzing



It looks like it isn’t in the Sparkfun Fritzing repo, but the eagle files are available so I’ll fight with eagle to fritzing (it usually wins :slight_smile: ) and try and create a part.


It won before I even started this time. The hard disk the dev system is on died, and the latest backup was before I installed eagle to fritzing and eagle, so I have to rebuild the tool chain which will likely take a few days.



thank you very much for your efforts


Lady luck is with me :slight_smile: , it appears that eagle2fritzing only needs the development environment the first time it runs. It copied all the dlls it needed in to its working directory which was on another disk, so I ran eagle2frtizing last night and am now most of the way through your part, should be up today sometime if we are lucky.



Done. Here is the danger shield part. It doesn’t have pcb view as it is intended to connect to an Arduino (if you need one for some reason it can be added, I just didn’t bother. I think I have all the pads that can be connected to, if you find some missing please post.

sparkfun-danger-shield.fzpz (39.8 KB)

and a png of bb



Thank you very much for that
I don’t really need the pcb view, if someone needs it, they can just ask you
Thank you again


You are most welcome. For me (after around 1 or 2 years of learning to make parts from the folks in here :slight_smile: ) it is relatively easy for me to make the part. If you only need the one part, it isn’t worth it for you to learn to make parts. If you find you need a bunch of parts, then it may be time to learn (or if you are just interested), but it isn’t simple and it is mostly undocumented, so you need to try and then ask for help in here.