How to export to a decent XYRS file / bill of materials

the current bill of materials exported in html is useless… manufacturer needs XYRS files… why don’t you guys thought about it?
is there any way to have a proper XYRS file??

While I have no idea what an XYRS file might be (and haven’t gotten far enough in Fritzing to even be aware that it would export a BOM in html) if you have the file format for XYRS files either a perl or python script could read the html output from Fritzing and generate your desired output format. You (pr someone, it may already have been done if you search with google) would need to write the script though. I expect the developers are spending what time they have making internal changes to things such as parts editor.

Peter Van Epp

The XYRS file is a combination of BOM and the location of the parts on an assembly… Generally used for SMT short runs on pick-n-place machines. The X,Y is the center of mass of the part located on the board, R is for rotation of the part and S is the side of the board. I believe you would need specific info on each part (centroid, orientation, etc.) for FZ to generate this type of file…

Ah, then a simple perl script isn’t going to do enough. The data needs to be there first before you can manipulate it. As much as I hate to say it, this may be a case where he needs to look at Kicad instead. While I don’t really know, I expect they are more likely to support XYRS files as they have solid models for their parts usually and are aiming at more the commercial market/

Peter Van Epp

KiCad isn’t professional either. They say it CERN backed, but if CERN is doing KiCad it’s a wonder the LHC works because the first part a grabbed wasn’t made properly. KiCad also has user contributed parts, so it’s not perfect either, but because it’s simpler there is less things that can go wrong.

This guy should be on Altium.

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the data is almost there. Fritzing needs to add at least the components dimensions, because everything else is there when you export the bills of material file

I tried yesterday converting the HTML to excel and it could work…

XYRS file is just a tab delimited csv file… so Fritzing could be implement it very easily if they want to,

I don’t think we need Altium or else… Fritzing would be great if they could release faster their versions…it could be a great software better then many

actually sorry to be precise, all , almost, the data needed for XYRS is actually present in the gerber xxxxx_pnp.txt files… it contains x-loc ,y-loc and rotation of the parts…tha names… the only data missing is the part dimension X-size/Y-size

It’s not quite that easy… The XYRS is a centroid file, also called x/y file, pick-n-place file… Each assembly house has different requirements for micro assembly and what they would like you to furnish. Eagle, Altuim, etc. will generate centroid files… Microfab requires XYRS files and has EDA libraries for Eagle, Altuim, Diptrace, and KiCad. Component manufactures also furnish libraries for these EDAs that comply to standard orientation. Fritzing parts are furnished by everyone and may not conform… they could be 90, 180, or 270 deg. out. The actual datum XY, rotation references, No.1 pin location, and package footprint may not be available to conform with the micro assembly requirements or standards… The XY location in Fritzing may not be the datum based on a pad stack.

With all that said, you can still use Fritzing to generate your centroid file by using products such as Fab 3000, GraphiCode, Unisoft, Cam350, or Mentor Graphics with Fritzing’s gerber data…

You may also want to look into , free software writer by a Dutch programmer…

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I’ll have to ask the Speeduino guy, because I think he gets his boards assembled and uses FZ.

That could be very possible… You don’t need a centroid file, the assembly house would gladly charge you for that service and they all have software to create centroid files. If the Speeduino boards are THT and hand assembled then a centroid file would not be needed…

I remember him getting a quote for assembly, and they are all pre-assembled now, so it should be possible, i just have to find out how.

yes i found some manufacturers who just need a simple execl doc, but since I was curious to use and they need a XRYS file, it would be great and atuomated…

I think it is a great idea, I just don’t see FZ ever getting there… FZ in in beta, there are a lot of other things that need to be done first, and all the files are .svg, making it difficult to include the info required to generate the centroid.

Try loading the free trial of and let us know how it works. I read it was one of the most user friendly and the youtube looked was pretty cool…

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Gerber data and bill of materials to centroid file/placement file service offered at