How to draw an ellipse via?

Hi folks, hope you all are doing well.

I’m still learning all the great features in Fritzing and was wondering how I can make a via an ellipse? Does anybody know how to do that?

I don’t think you can directly. In general pads with holes need to be a circle. For things like an oblong pad for an IC in a part there is a circle (which creates the drill hole) overlaid by an oblong path (this is from a part called oblong-via which I have, but don’t remember why :slight_smile: ) displayed in Inkscape:

Here the path was moved -0.1in in y to show both components which are on top of each other.

You (or I) can make a part like this but the via will have a single hole size (not be adjustable in Inspector like a standard via which requires a code change.) You would need a different part for each new hole size which would likely quickly get unmanageable unless you only need one size of via. Here is the part for the oblong via above (don’t remember what the hole size is though!)

edit: replace with a real via (breadboard and schematic suppressed)

oblong-via.fzpz (1.9 KB)

From the context, I think this was a work file to make oblong (with the capability to run a trace between two pins) pads for headers for the Raspberry PI although it will work as an oblong via. It currently appears in breadboard and schematic, probably because I didn’t care! For a proper via breadboard and schematic need to be suppressed (which is easy enough to do by changing the fzp file for the part.)


The via you posted looks perfect for what I wanted to do with it. Thank you so much for posting this.

I just replaced the part with one with breadboard and schematic suppressed (it was showing the pcb pad in both breadboard and schematic which is wrong!). The hole is set to be 0.038in suitable for 0.1in header pins. If you download the part again you will get the corrected part.