How to define all elements which are connected to particular element?

I have malfunction of PCB which was designed in Fritzing

Problem is that voltage on 5V pin of BeagleBone is 4V.

I want to define all elements that are electrically connected with such pin.

How can I leave on schematic only that elements (e.g. which are connected with Wire78504) ?

Don’t know if this is what you mean, but if you click on the 5V connection on the BB all connections and BP turn yellow.

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What version of fritzing are you using (and what platform)? When I load your fzz on .9.3.b (the latest version) it complains about an old file format and doesn’t convert all that well.

edit: looking at the gerbers (which are the only readable part for me) it looks like your beagle bone connection is incorrect. Your 5V wires appear to be connecting to the 3.3V pins on the I/O connector which won’t be correct, there doesn’t appear to be a connection to the 5V pins (although you may have a different beaglebone than the current one as well).

edit2: As well capacitor C12 and c3 appear to be backwards. Its - lead appears to be to 5V and its + lead to ground. This will tend to blow the capacitor.


You have to open it as read only or the SCH goes crazy. There are some unconventional practices in SCH, like traces on traces rather than joining at junctions/bendpoints, and headers used as vias, but I suppose it should still work.

Can he cut that trace and put a jumper across.

Got it, thanks
I even made a video

But inconvenience is that I can’t change color or layers or color of highlighting. If I debug copper top layer (yellow color by default) and highlighting is also yellow color by default - there is a big mess :slight_smile:
Do you know how to change colors ?

As far as I know you can’t change colour in PCB view.
You can turn off some layers in View.
The major problem is that the copper fill makes it hard to see. I usually don’t copper fill until the very end, and not half the PCB because it easier doing the whole thing, but you can remove copper fill to see better. The only problem is putting it back on half the PCB.

This is actually easy. Search in Fritzing for “copper fill blocker” and you get a part that allows you to cover any area you do not want copper before doing copper/ground fill.

I would also agree that deleting the fill until just before export is the best way to deal with this problem. As well as making unwanted layers not visible.

This is going to sound weird, but I’ve had an idea.
1 - Place another blank PCB the same size to the right of the original PCB, and adjust the y to the same as the original and the x to a round number offset.
2 - Then select Routing/Select All Copper Fill, and change x to the round number offset of the new PCB.
3 - Fix the traces
4 - Again select Routing/Select All Copper Fill, and reduce x by the offset it was moved the first time.