How to copy wire(s) in PCB mode?

Gues, need your help, search my question on forum and find nothing.

I have project with 6 same parts, one part i’ve wired. How i can copy this wireing without other components and past for another parts in my PCB? Drow this same wires for another parts is so huge work :confused:
can you help me in this question?
Thanks for advice

In the view menu hide all layers except the copper one you are working with. Then drag a box around the traces and parts connected to your traces. Now press CTRL C. Now go in the view menu and show all layers. Then scroll the screen to an area where your board is NOT visible. Then press CTRL V and paste what you copied. At this point you can use Delete Minus from the context menu to delete the parts you don’t want and you should be left with just the traces. After that you can drag a box around the traces and either move them or cut and paste them.