How to convert from .fzp to .fzpz?

Hello All. I downloaded a few parts from github, and they are in the .fzp format. To import parts in Fritzing, the required format is fzpz. How to convert from .fzp to .fzpz?

You cannot convert a .fzp to .fzpz… the .fzp file is a xml file and just one of five files within the .fzpz. The .fzpz is a zip file with the extension .fzpz. To create a .fzpz, you would need to save all five files in a folder (part.fzp, breadboard.svg, icon.svg, pcb.svg, and schematic.svg), edit the file names with the proper prefix and zip them all up into a zip files with the extension .fzpz.

The file you are looking for may be in Fritzing… try a search, it may be in there somewhere…

Thanks. I have all the files you mentioned. Kindly indicate what you mean by ‘proper prefix’. Whichn package to use to zip them? WinZip, WinRAR or 7zip? Thanks for replying soon.

You can unzip any .fzpz to see and copy the prefix for the five files. This link may also help describe what the prefix is for;

Make sure the file names in the .fzp are the same as .svg files.

I use 7zip, click the “Add to Archive”, it should default at "Archive Format: zip… if not, change it to .zip. In the archive combo box at the top, rename the file extension from .zip to .fzpz and click OK. It is just a .zip file with the .fzpz extension…