How to change all Part Connections to Bottom layer?

After a very long time I am again designing a single sided PCB with all connections and tracks on the bottom layer.

I have used a number of small ceramic caps with different values all from the list of the components.
Their connections must all be on the bottom copper layer. (green colour ?)
I presume that some have their connections are not, as some are orange & others are green!
How do I move all the connections to the green bottom layer?


Best bet is to upload the fzz file (7th icon on the left on the reply toolbar) so we can have a look. If the board is single sided then everything should be on the bottom layer and the colors should indicate another problem.


Select the PCB and change the Inspector to single side, and then if connections aren’t green they aren’t actually connected. Click on a pad or bendpoint and everything connected will turn yellow. There is a FZ quirk that when you close the sketch it goes back to double sided.

Where is the Reply Toolbar?

Can you see those faded icon above the text box.

Where in the inspector do I change the PCB to single side? I cant find a reference to it in the inspector.

I changed my Operating system recently to Ubuntu Linux and not sure where I can find the file.
I can run Fritzing and use it fine but don’t know how to copy my layout and attach it to the user group.
Please let me know if this works.

Audio Listening V2 _pcb.jpg

Click on the PCB edge so that it is highlighted with a box, then in Inspector around the middle it says double sided. Change that.

I tried your advice & it seems like it has worked to some extent.

As soon as I get a chance I will report as I have just changing to a Fibre Optic faster internet connection & evaluating it was worth it.

I am still battling with my PCB Layout and using Linux.
I did not use the Breadboard view when starting my circuit layout.
The pcb was designed entirely using the PCB view.
Not being able to change some of the component connections to the bottom copper layer I did a design rules check and it seems that everything (Both the Tracks & Components) are all on the bottom copper Layer, How Can I move all the components to the top layer leaving the tracks on the bottom layer?

PCB view only is fine - I don’t use BB -.

Upload the file with the 7th button above.


Not sure how to send the PCB .


Get the sketch .fzz, press the 7th button above when you reply, and enter it there.


Nope, didn’t upload. The forum usually doesn’t like svg files (it will try and render them, and often fails) so its easiest to upload either an fzpz part file or an fzz sketch file (both of which upload correctly). The 7th icon from the left on the reply menu in the forum is the upload key (a bar with an arrow pointing up). That should open a file dialog box that lets you select the file to upload. If you want to upload a svg file, rename it from .svg to .fzpz and upload the fzpz file then tell us it is really an svg.



I copied this file above from my Fritzing sketch PCB layout which was a .fzz file.

I hope this works!



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