How to Add a V-Cut Line in Fritzing?


I am creating a PCB using the Fritzing software,
and the PCB Printing service that I use (not Fritzing Fab, but something in China),
enables me to add V-Cuts to the design.

How do I do it with the software?

Thank you

A forum search for “v cut” turns up the information available on this topic. It looks to be possible as a work around but possibly not that easy (I haven’t tried it) . If you can’t figure it out from the archived posts, post again and perhaps one of those that have done it will help out.


Hi vanepp

Actually I saw it, but as hoping there’s a simple and easy way now, via the GUI,
instead of messing with the data files…

So that is my question now…

If it’s possible to do it via the GUI, as a supported feature…

Not as far as I am aware, as I said I haven’t done it. Unfortunately development died for the last couple of years and is only now restarting so capabilities haven’t changed any from the posts you see. Most of the fancy stuff such as v cuts isn’t technically supported but we have found work arounds that at least work if not easily.


Without knowing the purpose for ‘your’ v-cut, I can only assume you want to section the board.

One way to do that is this post. Note, I’ve updated/posted several posts on making a PCB ‘Board’ with cutouts. Line-cuts are just as simple to do.

Consider this info:
• PCB’s have different thicknesses, thus, cutting through and not-cutting through… i.e., the Depth of C-cut.
• If paneling is the goal (for snapping off smaller pcb’s) a normal cut is all you need.
• Identifying what the Vendor should do is recommended - add Notes to the Request For Quote (RFQ).
• Some manufacturers use Laser to cut - thus, no V-Cut. The Kerf is a clean cut.
• Some manufacturers use CNC/Mill to cut - they can define “Holding Tag’s”. Again, add Notes to RFQ (Holding Tags usually have a shallower height (versus the board thickness) to make snapping-off easier.