How does parts creation get started

I see the parts menu, but there is nothing I can select, is is all greyed out. Can i create a part with my own lead spacing? I need to create an audio transformer that has 5mm between leads on each side, and 10mm between each side.

Any help will be appreciated.

Parts making is fairly complex although a transformer isn’t a big deal. If you are set on making your own part the best place to start is type “transformer” in to the parts bin search bar (the magnifying glass in the parts bin) which will bring up the existing transformers. I’d start with the first one (Sparkfun small transformer) which is through hole. Then you need to edit the part with the new parts editor and save as a new part (to get a moduleId that is different than the transformer in core). Then you would need to export the part to a .fzpz file, and unzip it to get the svg files and edit the pcb svg file to get the pads to the correct spacing. If you haven’t made Fritzing parts before this is likely a non trivial task, so the easiest way would be to post a pointer to the data sheet to give me the dimensions and I can modify the transformer part to do what you need (because I am familiar with making parts). Here are pointers to a couple of tutorials on parts creation which apply to the current version of Fritzing (most of the others around are for older versions and no longer apply) if you want to learn to make parts which I encourage and am happy to help with!