How do you unload a part?

when i try to reload / update a part that i’ve already imported, fritzing fails and says the part is already loaded.

the only ways i’ve found to unload the part are:

  • if i imported the part during this session: close fritzing and say “no” to keeping imported parts then restart fritzing
  • otherwise: remove part from “mine” bin, make sure the part isn’t in any open projects (otherwise the part is still findable in the db with the search box even though it doesn’t appear in “mine”), then restart fritzing

is there a better workflow here? or a way to unload / reload a part?

i opened an issue here: FR: A "reimport part" button · Issue #3907 · fritzing/fritzing-app · GitHub

I am just about to add a bug report to that as it is a bug. Fritzing thinks it has deleted that part but the fzp file is still present and that will block a reload of the part. I thought I had reported this, but I don’t see an issue on github. I looked at the source a couple of years ago, and Fritzing thinks it has completely deleted the part but looking at a test just now, it has not deleted the .fzp file from Fritzing/Documents/user which will block the reload of the part.


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Thanks for sharing this kind information.