How do you get a standard resistor to draw as vertical on a breadboard?

When you lay down a standard resistor, it spans 5 holes. If I wanted to stand the resistor vertically to save space, how do I do that?

Or is there another part for a vertical resistor?
resistors being “vertically mounted” - spacing would be 100 or 200 mil, but currently the list only goes down to 300 (we do have a couple in now)

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Sorry to be digging up an old thread, but has there been any progress on this?

I too wish to mount resistors on the STRIPBOARD vertically (when going across a TO-92 transistor pins) and the response given only works on the PCB view :frowning:

The std ones only standup in PCB.

I remember someone making a part, but not if it was standing up in BB view. I think it was Vanepp so we will have wait to see what he says.

I had put this on Fz a long time ago but can’t find the thread, so here it is again…

Vertical Resistor.fzpz (4.7 KB)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are there any more vertical parts i can download from somewhere?
I tried searching but didn’t have luck finding anything.

I am not aware of any right of the top of my head… Vanepp is more up to date on this stuff, he might know. Anything special you are looking for?

I found this diode… Search around of Fritzing you might find a few more.

I’m also trying to find an RF choke (i suppose i can edit a resistor and give it a different colour to differentiate), ceramic capacitors, and zener diodes. I’m mounting these all vertically and two holes wide.
Building a tiny PCB (no more than 2.5x2.5inch) and need the parts to stay tight. Doing a few test runs via the breadboard to make sure it all works as it should before building the PCB with the same parts.

Sorry Steel, it was you that made that part.

Vanepp linked about 20 upright parts in a post recently, but I can’t find it.

If you search the forum for “top view” there are leds, TO220, ceramic cap and electrolitic caps available for use on perf board in breadboard view but not a lot, not an inductor as far as I know. There may be a small signal diode in upright as well (I made one a long time ago, don’t remember if upright was one of them)).


There are too many words for it, because I tried standup, vertical, upright, and didn’t get much.