How do i install fritzing on raspberry pi 2

hi, i have a raspberry pi 2 model b and I want to install fritzing on it.

I don’t know that there is a version to run on the arm chip.

Now saying that, if you check in the repository and see if fritzing appears. It won’t be the beta version 0.9.3b, but there may be an older version to get you started. I can’t quite remember if there is one there or not.

There should be a version in the debian repositories, so it should also be in raspian.
But you can also compile it yourself. For this you need the source which you can get from github, then you need the Qt5 development files, as well as those of libgit.

Extract the source code and then run:
make install

It might be possible the some requirements are missing then you have to install the corresponding dev packages for them.