How do I edit a part to make a new part?

I’m using a TO-11 transistor, and I can’t find one in the parts library. There is a TO-92 transistor with the leads in a triangle, but the emitter and collector leads need to be swapped to use it as a TO-11 footprint.

I’ve tried to use the parts editor to change the TO-92 part, and find the parts editor impenetrable. Googling for help brings up tutorials that talk about making new SVG images, which I don’t need to do. I just need to move two pins around. Is this possible using the parts editor?

I’m using version 0.9.2b on Ubuntu 12.04. I’m a retired electrical engineer and computer programmer, but totally new to fritzing. I’ve already sent my first board off for production (using the TO-92 footprint with the schematic symbol wired in upside down so the footprint works for a TO-11.)

Thanks for any pointers to tutorials.

Yes that is possible inside the parts editor. Search for your TO-92 package. Right click edit part. Click on the schematics tab. On the right top side of the screen you should see and E B C each letter with a correlating check mark to the left of them. To the right of each letter E B C is the ‘select graphic’ button. Click on the "select graphic’ button, then select the proper leg ie; Base,Collect,Emitter specific for you particular component. Then repeat this process on the other tabs (breadboard, PCB,) That should get you in the right direction. Save part, then be sure to TEST :wink: This part will be saved just under CORE parts in MINE

Good luck! Have a great day!!

Thanks for the reply. I hacked a solution by manually editing the xml of the TO92 part using a text editor, but that’s an annoying way to do this.

I don’t understand what you mean by “then select the proper leg ie; Base,Collect,Emitter” - after I click on “select graphic”, what am I clicking on to select B, C, or E ?


I’m sorry I should have been more specific. Look @ transistor graphic to the left of the E B C, (in schematic tab) should have the basic transistor(npn, pnp) symbol, with 1,2,&3. Each one of those is a selectable graphic… So when you click on the ‘select graphic’ button, then click on the proper leg ie 1, 2, or 3 on the transistor symbol.

That should get you squared away :sunglasses:

Good luck!!

how to create any components by self if no one tamplate?
datasheet are my reference

I use inkscape myself. Inkscape has draggable guides for precision layout. This way your parts are spot on everytime.

I recommend you download then use a similar part footprint and modifiy as necessaray. It takes a little bit of time to work through your first few parts. After you’ve made a few parts, it becomes rather fluid.

You should start a separate post in the parts section, tailored to your specific part. This would be best.