How do I connect new wires?

If I add a wire to the joint of an existing wire and connect it to something I have just dragged from the parts box how can I connect it so that it drags along with the rest of the original wire?
I can move it, after ‘laying it over the joint’ by dragging it to the nearest connection and then adding nodes back along the original cable to the joint I want it connected to and this looks the same, it now drags from the joint but in fact it is two wires, one over the other, back to the connection. Is this the only way it can be done?


Sorry Old_Grey, why have you done that?

It doesn’t work in BB view.

Which view are you talking about?

In breadboard view.
I have a 5v coming from the arduino to an item, the wire connecting them has a 90 degree bend point.I want to add something else and supply it from the wire, if I go from the something else to the bend point I can drop the end of the wire but the end stays red and doesn’t connect to the bendpoint. Is there a way of getting it to see the bend point and connect to it?

You can’t connect to a bend point in BB view because you can’t do it in real life.

OK thanks for that…

i’d just make it the same color as the other wire

While that will work for bb view, it will break schematic and pcb views. If all the OP wants is bb view for documentation that is a possible solution, however if he wants a correct schematic or pcb view he needs to make a correct connection in bb view (by connecting to a real connector) to do that.

Needing to possibly use it in schematic and pcb at a later date is why I asked.
I do make them the same colour and by appearance they look as if they are connected.
I wondered if there was a way of connecting them but Old Grey makes a good point when all I am doing is making a layout diagram of the components and you can’t connect wires that way unless you strip the cable at the bend point, not really a practical thing to do.