How can I make parts characteristics changeable

i wanted to create a ferite Choke but I have a Problen with the inductance setting apering.

You need to enable the values in the parts label.

first drag the inductor in to the sketch then


click on the part label and enable inductance and current (if desired) in the label then set the appropriate values in Inspector (the lower right window.)


I actually meant I that I made a custom part and wanted the characteristics / settings changeabel by the user.
But thanks anyway
sorry for any spelling-mistakes I live in germany. :slight_smile:
edit: I uploaded the part.

Only a few properties can be changed, e.g. the inductance. They are defined in this file: fritzing-app/properties.xml at main · fritzing/fritzing-app · GitHub

And the module ID of the part needs to end up in a specific sufix. For example, the module ID of an inductor needs to end in “InductorModuleID”

Edit: you can add more properties to be changed, but then you need to edit the properties.xml file and recompile the program, which is not difficult if you are not a developer.