How add mcp2515

Hi!! I have seen that there are schemas where mcp2515 is attached but i dont found it module. Someone know how add it mcp2515? Thx.

As always google is your friend. While I had no idea what a mcp2515 was, a google search of “fritzing part mcp2515” turns up that it is a canbus controller and there is a Sparkfun breakout board for it available in core parts (enter canbus in the parts search window and hit enter and it will come up) which is likely what you are seeing as there doesn’t appear to be anything else.


Obviously I’ve been looking at google and in the forum and I have not found anything about it. I need the mcp2515 module only, I can not use the shield canbus.

Then you would need to make a custom part for it (or find one via google which my quick search didn’t). The part you have outlined can be created from the generic IC easily, but you (or someone) would need to create an appropriate schematic svg for it if you want more than a box with labels in schematic. You might try searching for mcp2525 and/or canbus in the projects area of the main Fritzting web site in case someone has used one in a project there. You can then download the project and export the created part to reuse. You can also go to the web page where google found the image above and see if there is either a part or project containing the part on the web page.
Here are pointers to a couple of tutorials on parts creation if you choose to go that route (although it takes some time to learn):


It looks like a generic 18 pin IC with a different label. Just grab it from the bin and fill in part #.

Great help! I attach the component Thx!
MCP2515.fzpz (7.9 KB)

You may like this version better. I increased the pin label font size to something readable in schematic and removed the (likely unintended) j from the rx1bf pin label.

MCP2515_larger_font.fzpz (8.2 KB)