Hope HM-TRP transceiver

My first go at creating a part. I really just wanted to draw up a neat circuit diagram of my subject tracking camera pan/tilt project but I added the Breadboard and PCB info. The modules have funky metric (2mm) pad spacing. Apart from that, the modules are pretty easy to work with. Details here:-

hoperf.com/modules/lora/HM-TRP.htmlHM-TRP Transciever.fzpz (8.1 KB)

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Clicking that HM-TRP link does not work. It needs the leading https:
HM-TRP lora module

From a quick look at the part, I see a few issues. It takes awhile and a few tries to learn the majority of the rules, conventions, processes, to create parts. There seems to always be new details to discover.

The PCB view has the connector pads too big. With that size, and the 2mm spacing, they fail the design rules check. Add a trace to any pad, and design rules check shows it overlapping with the adjacent pad. See if you can find another part with 2mm spacing, and see what the pads look like.

Even though the physical part has 2mm spacing, the schematic view can use the standard 2.54mm/0.1in connector pin spacing. That is a logical view, and does not need to match the physical part. Also the connector pins should be 0.1 inch long, and should have a terminalID at the end. So that wires snap to the end of connection line, instead of the middle. The part definition file has references to terminal ids, but they are not in the svg file. If doing a logical schematic view, a convention (that is only sometimes followed) is to put the power connector at the top, and the GND at the bottom.

That shows 2 GND pin connections. I expect that those are connected together internally. If so, there should be a bus definition for them, so that Fritzing knows that a connection to either is a connection to both.

I ran the part though a checker program that @vanepp wrote. That shows several other errors and warnings. Some just cosmetic. There are at least a couple of references to Courier fonts. Fritzing does not work with that. The terminal pads in pcb view do not have a radius, so no hole will be created with gerber exports

TerminalIDs are defined for the pcb view as well, and do not actually exist. Usually do not need terminal ids for connector pads, but if they are defined, they need to exist.

The svg files look like they were edited with Inkscape. One of the tricky things using Inkscape, is to get the units set correctly. The breadboard and pcb files are set (reasonable) to use mm. However, the schematic file does not have any units, so it defaults to px (pixels), which sometimes causes problems. The icon file does not have any units either, but I don’t think that matters.

Connectors should start with connector0, and increment from there.