Honoring existing Wires when AutoRouting

I have 6 Parts in my schematic, however Pads cannot be added as a Part to the schematic (wish they could). This is making it difficult to AutoRoute the 4 Copper Pad Wires.

Two questions:

  • Is there any way for manually added Pad Wires to be honored during AutoRoute?
  • Is there any way to AutoRoute Pad Wires?

Any suggestions to AutoRoute Copper Pad Wires would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Using fritzing.0.9.3b.64 on Windows 10

Generally no one autoroutes, at least no one with experience, because it does a bad job every time.

Beginners think autoroute is the proper way to do it, but no matter how complicated the PCB they are still done manually. Maybe the $80K software can do it decently, but all the others can’t.