Hole in a stripboard layout


I´am new to Fritzing.

How can I put a cross or another symbol for a hole in a strip board layout?

Thanks for helping!

I’m not clear on what you are looking for. The stripboards already have holes. To get a stripboard in breadboard view, (optionally delete the breadboard) then in the parts bin (right hand window near the bottom) marked breadboard view drag the third icon from the left in to breadboard view. Now in Inspector (bottom right window) you can select the layout (individual holes, stripes etc) and the number of rows and columns for the stripboard. Unfortunately you can’t turn it over to put things on the bottom, only the top layer is available.


If you are talking about cutting a strip, just click on it. If you are talking about a mounting hole, Breadboard view can’t do that.

I suppose the Pro way to do it is make a stripboard in PCB view.

Thanks for helping!

I meant cutting a strip - now I got it!