Hole definition

is it possible to make my own custom holes instead of using the FZ hole from the PCB View Core Parts Bin? below are 3 examples where i have run into difficulty with pcb holes.

Example 1: A bolt pattern. I can crate the holes and get them ‘close’ using the grid. But if i need to move the pattern during the design phase, then all the holes need to be moved. I would like to simply pull in a hole pattern as a ‘set’ of predefined hole features, so all the holes are placed as a unit for which i can trust the hole spacing, and move them on the grid as a unit. So the holes maintain spacing to each other when one hole is moved.

Example2: Custom PCB shape. When defining a custom pcb shape, I’m going thru the pain of defining an SVG to represent my design. So i already know the hole locations and centers most likely. It would be beneficial to create copper rings around hole cutouts in the SVG image, since the locations can be easily defined by center dimensions from the design intent. So when the PCB image is selected, the holes are already defined. As opposed to playing with the FZ grid until you find a grid size that is ‘close enough’ to the center of custom hole cutouts.

Example3: A copper ring that can be connected to the copper fill plane or a trace. A hack to pick up chassis ground thru mounting screws. I cant figure out how to connect my pcb copper features to the FZ hole feature.

As a hack, i was considering making a custom part which contains copper rings and just define them as pins. But perhaps others have different tricks when playing with holes.

Just create the hole patter as a part… all you need is the PCB view… it will be stored in My Parts and drag it on as a part, you can have it with/without connector pins.

EDIT: Attached is a PCB part with no breadboad, schematic or connector pins/pads. You can look at the .fzp to see how it is done, All you need to do as change the pcb.svg with your hole pattern pcb.svg. You could also add an image in the icon.svg so you know what it is in the My Parts bin.

This was just a test circle that could be used as a pad or keepout pattern…

Circle Image.fzpz (1.6 KB)