Hoe to chnge the color of a LED

Hi to all,
I’m new here.
Please could somebody give me an hint hoq to chnge the color of sa generic LED?
I can not find any way to do this. The way using the inspector doesn’t work.
Thenks a lot in advance for any help.

Did you grab the clear 4 pin LED, or the 2 pin red LED from the CORE bin. The red one is the one you can change colour in Inspector.

There is also a big white LED, like those which are used for flashlight, headlight and so on, which can not be changed. Make sure to select one of the standard 3 of 5mm leds from the core parts.

thanks a lot for your answers and tips.
Yes I found a solution. I didn’t know how to handle it.
I have to select a LED and placed it on the breadboard. Now I can modify the colour.
Great tool!