Hinzufügen eines Board in die Code-Plattform Arduino


In the code view, I can select various Arduino boards. In the Arduino IDE, I can add other boards via the Board Manager, for example, the ESP32 through an additional Board Manager URL. Is this also possible for the Calliope Mini 3?

URL for Arduino IDE

Gruß Harald!

I think (but don’t know for sure) that this is a function of the Arduino IDE. If you add the Calliope Mini 3 as an option in the Arduino IDE I think the code view should be able to accept it. I remember there being a problem with the later model Arduino IDEs not working with Fritizng some time ago and don’t know if that has been fixed yet as well.


Fritzing needs an update to work with the Arduino IDE >= 2.0
We track this on Upload code to Arduino does not work with IDE 2.x or Arduino-cli · Issue #4010 · fritzing/fritzing-app · GitHub

It think the old Arduino IDE already supports uploading to Calliope, though?

Hello, I am still using Arduino IDE 1.8.18 on Linux, downloaded with an installation script—not through the package manager. I will try to add the Calliope board to the IDE and then check in Fritzing. Currently, I have added the ESP32 as an additional board to the IDE, but the board does not appear in Fritzing.