Hilfe für .fzz to .svg

I have an .fzz file but I have no fritzing anymore and I don’t actually need it. However, I would need an .svg from that .fzz file.
Would anybody with a fritzing installation be so kind to load my file, convert it into an SVG and provide that to me?
I would highly appreciate any help on this.
Best regards,

Sure upload the .fzz file (upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) and I can upload svg files from it.


Hi Peter,

thanks in advance.

Regards, Robert

CircuitBoard.fzz (98.7 KB)

There is an error in the .fzz


The teensy fzp appears corrupted. I’ll see if I can correct it.


I can provide that
Teensy LC_e087b96094c01f3c8ba65228b34128df_97.fzp (15.3 KB)

There is an html error in the description field of the part. It is easy enough to correct so here are the svgs




to download them right click on the image and select save image as and it will save the svg for you.


Or maybe not. The teensy LC part appears to be broken (at least schematic appears to be wrong) I’ll see if I can find it and fix it up and redo this.


It looks like the original .fzz file is probably corrupted. The teensy part has errors but even correcting those doesn’t do much schematic still has issues. I expect the svgs above are as good as you are going to get (which isn’t terribly good.)


Thanks so much, Peter.
That’s about as much as I needed. Quality is absolutely sufficient.
I hope that wasn’t too much of a hassle to export that.
Best regards,

No it was fairly easy to extract, just not overly successful :slight_smile: .