HiLetgo 315Mhz RF Transmitter & Receiver


I am looking for the 315Mhz RF Transmitter and Receiver pair. Just bought the pair and want to interface it to a couple of Arduino Uno boards. OBTW the transmitter only has 3 pins and the receiver has 4, nothing fancy.

HiLetgo 315Mhz RF Transmitter and Receiver Module link kit for Arduino/ARM/MCU/Raspberry pi

These 2 parts should do what you want.

hiletgo-315mhz-rx.fzpz (18.3 KB)

hiletgo-315mhz-tx.fzpz (6.0 KB)


Thanks a lot vanepp!

I think the Data and VCC pins need to be swapped… these parts are poorly documented but I have seen several YouTube videos that show the VCC and Data pins being swapped.

It is easy enough to swap the pins if the parts you have are wired like that but the official web site here indicates the current parts are correct.

there isn’t a wiring diagram but there are power and ground labels on the various pcb views. The best bet would be to look at the labels on the pcb of the boards you have and see what they say (as reversing power will likely destroy the parts!) If they are not labeled you would probably need to trace the wires on the board and read the chip data sheet.


@abell118 Did you need to reverse the VCC and GND to get these to work? I’m struggling to pair two of them.

I cannot say absolutely what the config is but some people say to reverse the pins. Watch the YouTube video - Using Inexpensive 433 MHz RF Modules with Arduino Using Inexpensive 433 MHz RF Modules with Arduino - YouTube around the 4 minute mark…

The best bet is to trace the leads to the chip and make sure which one is VCC and which one is ground on the chip. Getting them backwards is likely to be fatal to the module. That said the part is correct for the pcb labels on the part it was made from. YMMV!