HighDPI / hybrid problem

Hi there,

I encountered a smaller bug related to my monitor setup. I have a MS Surface Pro device with High DPI screen, running Windows 10 x64. In my office I also use an external monitor (standard 24" Full-HD, non High DPI) in dual setup, using both displays together. Outside of my office I use only the built-in display.

Fritzing is generally working fine with High DPI, but it is having a problem when I change from one setting (e.g. from two displays) into the other setting (to just the built-in display), without logging-off and on again. When I do so, some GUI elements in Fritzing start to use too-large fonts, or vice verse to small fonts (depending the direction I switch my displays). Even if I close Fritzing and start it again, the problem remains. It is solved only by logging off and on again – then it runs fine, until once more I change my monitor setup. Then I face the other wrong size of fonts, and once again it is solved by logging off and on again.

I prepared a screenshot of the case when I switch from the dual setup into the built-in display only – in this case Fritzing uses too large fonts in the main window on the buttons in the bottom; plus all items use too large fonts in the settings window (but I can upload only one picture to the post as a forum newbie, so sorry, but no pic of that).