Hi Ya'll, noob here :)

Hi y"all as I am totally new in the world of Arduino and set my goal way too high I stumbled onto Fritzing and must say I am stunned, what a wonderfull way of documenting, designing and getting to know it all.

Now to my quistion, is there a way that you can add a HTML or HTM file to your fritzing project as a separate tab ?

That way it’s a one step one go solution :slight_smile: which would completely suit my wishes :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, if you have questions just ask! While I’m not entirely sure I understand what you want, I don’t think you can add an html panel to Fritzing. It is possible to add a url which will show up in a part (and thus the url will show up as part of the part in inspector) but I don’t think thats what you are looking for.


Thanks for the quick answer, indeed that’s not what I had in mind :slight_smile:

So I must keep in mind to copy the used HTML files into the experimenting map so I don’t loose them (as I am always loosing stuff when I am busy and think about nothing else than what I am doing at the moment of time)

Fritzing is awasome though :slight_smile:

You might want to look in to git (the version control system which runs github among other things). That will keep changes to a file (html being only one of many) and let you roll back to a previous version reasonably easily. It sounds like it may do what you need. Although I’m finding it a bit difficult to learn, that may just be because I’m old :slight_smile: .

It certainly is. I’m trying to learn development to make sure it keeps going (as development has currently pretty much stopped) and thus need to learn how git works. If you have questions we are happy to answer.


Hhahaha Peter, Old, tell me :frowning:
I should have discovered Arduino years ago :slight_smile: at 65 you do not learn as fast so Git is a bit too much for me too :slight_smile:

I’m 68, retired and enjoying my second childhood :slight_smile: doing what I want, which is at the moment Fritzing. Git without github is reasonably easy, there is an excellent free book available as a pdf. For a html document the branch / commit cycle is fairly easy (and I understand there is a graphic version which is even easier). The part that is tripping me up is getting my changes back to my fork on github, getting them local hasn’t been a problem. Worth at least a try because it sounds like it will do what you want (be able to go back to any previous version that has been committed).