Hi there, do any of you have a library like this image? serves to connect a cable consisting of 1 input and 2 output

No, and to make a part we would need more information such as a web site with mechanical data such as dimensions and connection information (although I assume the single red connects to the two reds and the single blue to the two blues. So mostly size information is needed and probably a more straight on picture.)

edit: found it via a google search, will make a part.


Here is a part that should do what you want. Pcb consists of only the silkscreen outline of the part as the wires connect to the connector not the pcb.

Connector-2-In-4-out.fzpz (4.9 KB)

edit (Jan 30 2023) added 2-in-8-out part

Connector-2in-8-out.fzpz (5.8 KB)