Hi, I'm Tinker. I like to tinker. 😁

Hi, everyone, I’m brand new here, and very happy to have found such a useful tool as Fritzing! I discovered it looking for examples of how to wire two DC motors to a Raspberry Pi. Yes, that’s right, I’m building a robot! Not my first, but the first one I’m doing all myself. I know very little about electronics, but I’m going to learn. I’m better with the mechanical parts, and I do a lot of CAD and 3D-printing. I also like programming, especially graphics. If anyone needs advice on digital fabrication, just ask!


Hi, I am new in 3d printing. Once I have done the project on 3d metal printing. After completing the project I have continued to search about printing. I came to know about there are various companies which provide the services of metal printing to the military, marines, etc. Know I am interested in the digital fabrication manufacturing process, as they are becoming popular because of advances in the quality. Thanks in advance.