Hi and 4 AA battery holder

Hi everyone, congrats on an amazing software :))
I cannot download https://paulvollmer.net/FritzingParts/parts/4%20x%20AAA%20Battery%20Mount.html as a fzp file and import it. I tried to open the file while in Fritzing and I also tried to just download it. It worked just fine for other parts.
Also, I would need a powerbank, how can I find one :)?
Thank you!

You don’t need to download that part. Mr Vollmer did not put a part on his website, rather he experimented with listing core parts on a webpage. The battery mount you are looking for is already included in the core library.

As for finding a power bank, the usual tip is to search for that power bank with Google, using the additional keywords “Fritzing” and “part”. Often the image search will provide the best pointers to finding what you are searching for.

Thank you @flaix.
I found it now, it appears as a 2 x AA standard battery pack.
I will try to find a powerbank.

I can’t find any powerbank. The search terms I used are too narrow. Searching “power bank fritzing part” brings me back to the forum. Can you point me to a powerbank, the model or make does not matter.

If you want to, you can change it to the 4xAA battery pack by changing to 4,9V in the drop-down in the Inspector.

Not sure I understand but I found it anyway. Can you kindly point me at a powerbank?

I wouldn’t know where to get one. I also don’t quite understand what you intend to do with it. A USB power banK? That would have no connectors. Or a battery pack power bank? Maybe something like here?

I need it for my sketch to show how to power the arduino. I would obviously also need a cable as you point out :slight_smile:

Well, for that case I would suggest the LIPO part from the SparkFun-Eletromechanical bin that ships with Fritzing.

It represents these lithium ion batteries.

Thank you, works well.