Help with various Arduino components (Bluetooth and Display)

Hello there,
I would like to send the charge status of an 18V battery to another bluetooth adapter via a bluetooth adapter. How can I use this BMS to transmit the battery charge status and battery voltage to the Arduino and then send this information via a Bluetooth adapter? Which Bluetooth adapter should I use for this? I would also like to display the information on a display that is connected to the Arduino. Which touch display would be best for this application (min. 2,8" but more would be nice)

In this project I would like to build an electric kart with the help of the Arduino. For this I need an accelerator pedal as a potentiometer. Which one would make sense?

If anyone could help me further, I would be very grateful for the respective links to buy the components and the corresponding fritzing parts.

Many thanks in advance


*As “BMS” I use this one:ürstenloser-Motorcontroller-Hallmotorsteuerung/dp/B08TLW8Y1X/ref=sr_1_7?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=2JP9HE29AC3LL&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.EnTXpXeN81k55ZRRhhYhJ0FT_vdcp6AKD2Io-o1AwyCzri-f_-8fWcB8ItwTFoaGdDj0wGjCx-qwjHAsCsbYj1Z1JwqffBovfwKFVrN8AcFXsUKFF_W5jYYYd1ADEfuLoMlYNP9Gni5kdv1Lzj4l2xQzJzCJcrR33sU2kjHLOmjvJoXZNAZ04jsMOnYwtRQFPMlZpJ4kYrANKvMccZwfVWguNv-wuhUZJK5l8c-qX_CxAhTGVXlaGXx8BpMuR2ydJturfw10hzBXzIa_E22oXZLaicucVnujcoJWz3-oBYU.jeOlZGnIDJbrDjIerk4Rd2SxurYDYlAx7jyGrEfNz9c&dib_tag=se&keywords=BLDC+Motor+controller&qid=1705662977&s=industrial&sprefix=bldc+motor+controller%2Cindustrial%2C76&sr=1-7