Help with USB C connector

Hello, please excuse me for my english. I am beginner. I hope that i chose right category. I need help with mi project. I need usb C but i dont find it in fritzing librarry and fritzing page. I try to make it in new parts editor, unsuccessful. So please can someone make this part? I think this is useful and will help other. In my opinoin this is most common connector. Thank you werry much.

This may do what you want. Note the slots are implemented as the copper surround and 4 holes (rather than a slot which Fritzing doesn’t do well) so you will need to produce the slot by either filing or dremel tooling the holes. Your pcb house may also object to the hole being so close. As always print out the foot print and check it against a real part as this is from the online data which may not be correct. Also the pin labels may not be correct. There aren’t any in the data sheet and I left them as they were on the connector I cloned this from (a Molex part) so they may or may not be correct.

USB_3.1_typeC_usb_smd_connector.fzpz (8.1 KB)