Help with these parts?

Hello I’m very new to Fritzing and was wondering if anyone could create these parts. I tried on my own but I do not think I did it correctly.
I need the N package.
I need the N package.

Both are the first top views shown. Thank you so much!

Both are fairly easy to create for your self. Start with a generic IC from the core parts (selecting 14 pins for the 74x74 and 16 pins for the 153. Your breadboard icon and pcb views are done for you already leaving only schematic view to do. If you want a fancy schematic like the data sheet you would need to modify the svg file for schematic (which again isn’t that difficult) if you don’t want a fancy real life schematic just changing the pin names in parts editor will do that much and make an acceptable part.
There are a couple of recent parts creation tutorials here and you could post your parts and one of us would likely point out your errors (if any).